London, England, UK

Over the years, Fresh01 has established itself as the go-to creative supplier to some of the world’s most successful self-published authors. Having designed thousands of book covers in every conceivable genre, we have the experience to match major publishing houses while retaining a strong understanding of the needs of the self-published author.

As a specialist division within the 1700-strong Enerji group, we’re independent enough to guarantee personal service and a bespoke solution for every project we work on. Every client works directly with the design team to make sure that the final book is flawless, eye-catching, and every bit as unique as the words that inhabit it.

We pride ourselves on offering a complete suite of services, helping authors to stand out in a crowded market and allowing them to compete with big-budget publishing houses. This means that we can assist you with everything from editorial services to cover design, book layout, and even marketing. Our team of in-house specialists have extensive industry experience and understand what makes a great book, and, more importantly, what it takes to get your book off the shelves and into the best seller lists.

We can help you with every step in the journey to getting your book published, whether it’s layout and book cover design, or a branded social media presence to make sure that it gets the exposure it deserves. With our proprietary book workflow, the entire process is simple and seamless, helping you provide the perfect brief to get the perfect results. Our unique, visual platform allows you to browse existing designs to explain exactly what you like and dislike, letting our designers completely understand your vision. To find more information about our workflow,

With Fresh01, you’re in safe hands - blending the expertise of a big publisher with the personalisation of a freelancer, you can be certain that your book will be unique, flawless, and exactly how you envisaged it.