Outstanding Blurb service

Last week my 300+ page book crashed due to an issue with my external hard drive on which all the BookSmart files were located. A tip for everyone is to NOT store the files on an external drive if this can be avoided.

After the crash, Blurb support provided elaborate instructions on how to correct this issue, however the book kept on crashing BookSmart. Blurb even gave a 45 minute online support session to try to correct issues on my Mac, however this also did not resolve the issue. In the end I uploaded my 2GB file with all the directories, after which Blurb Tech Support fixed the files for me. This resolved the issue for me, recovering many hours of work on a book with cherished personal pictures.

This kind of tremendous support is unique to find these days and I want to thank Blurb support (especially Geary) for all their help. If you encounter any issue with your book, do not hesitate to contact Blurb Tech Support as they will not stop with helping you until the problem is resolved.

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Dec 23, 2011 2:38am PDT