When editing a background color, is there a way for Booksmart to remember the current color?

If you add a background to a page, you can then edit this background … to a certain extend.  The problem is that if you want to modify the color by hitting the Customize button and then select the RGB/HSV tab, Booksmart completely ignores the current color you have selected and always starts with the white color.

 This is pretty useless as an editing tool.  How can I have Booksmart remember what color is currently being used so I can edit that one instead of restarting with a new color each time?.  For example if I want to darken it slightly or shift the hue one direction or another.  There is a little set of boxes for the recently used colors to the right of the color picker but that box resets itself each time you close the editing tool so it is basically useless.

 Is there a way to do this? 

Thank you for any help. 

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Nov 19, 2007 6:48pm PDT