BooksSmart and Resample of bigger photos on smaller containers?


 In the past, i have issues whem using BookSmart because if i have a container smaller than the photo size, the software won´t resample the image, making it appears grainy and noisy on the final print, after problems with some books back in 2010, Blurb support told me this. According to they, i have to manuany resize all my picures that are bigger than the container to avoid this no-resample issue, but, is a pain to design a book and later, check all container sizes, resize the images outside the BookSmart, import and place all again, replacing the images used to develop the layout…

Today, thinking that this was about 2 years ago, have we some progress in this matter? Since i stumbled in this difficult on time, i moved and started using Apple Aperture to create my books, exporting 300DPI PDF from it to generate JPEGs and later, importing as full-page images on BookSmart to order…
But now i´ll relay the production process to one of my associates and he only works on Windows (No Aperture avaliable) and this question has returned to scary me…

 Anyone has a word on that? Thanks in advance!

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May 25, 2012 9:56am PDT