Locked What do you do when Booksmart crashes repeatedly and Customer "Service" refuses to respond?

I’ve been trying to upload a book since Saturday night. It has crashed perhaps 30 times. Sometimes the second I hit "order book," and sometimes it will upload almost the entire project.

I’ve also tried exporting the book and Booksmart crashes exactly the same when I try that.

I contacted customer service Monday and "Melanie" gave me a boilerplate response within a couple hours. Reinstall Booksmart, fill out a crash report, send a log. It wasn’t creating logs — of the dozens of crashes, I have one log in my Library in the past six weeks.

 She also said to fill out the crash report that pops up each time it crashes and put in my e mail address. I’ve done that dozens of times — not even an acknowledgement.

 I told "Melanie" all of this Wednesday and since then ….. nothing.  Booksmart does faithfully continue to crash regularly and hold my book hostage.

I’m sorry, but if your Customer Service is so overwhelmed with problems that you can’t get to follow-ups in 48 hours, you have a pretty basic customer service problem. If you already put somebody through the queue the first time and your solution didn’t work, the callback should be maybe an hour.

 Does anyone have a suggestion either how I can get around the crashes or get somebody from Customer Service to contact me?

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Sep 7, 2012 3:26pm PDT

Hi lreed7649,

Sorry to hear support hasn’t solved your issue yet. Part of the delay can be caused by responding repeatedly to a single ticket. This only sets you back in your CSR’s queue, so please try to refrain from doing this (I know it is not always easy if it seems there is radio silence from our end).

The email address added to crash reports is for reference purposes only and we don’t respond directly to these (it helps link your crash to your ticket as submitted crashes are otherwise anonymous).

I’ve escalated your incident so hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of this soon.


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Sep 7, 2012 4:34pm PDT
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