Blurb Word Plug In with Booksmart?

[this query concerns both Booksmart & Bookify so I have posted in both forums] 

I have created a 194pp Trade size book using the Word Plug-In and I have uploaded it using Bookify.

I spent a lot of time on headers, (blank headers for chapter title pages), starting every chapter on an odd number page, etc. The preview looks amazing, I am very happy with it.

However, I have a jpeg image I would like to use for my front cover. I have a separate one for the back cover. The back cover will fill the page but the front cover will only got to 2/3 of the page and than displays title & author boxes. I can not find a bookify cover layout that will allow a full page cover. (I can find one in Booksmart, but not Bookify).

I am happy with the back cover, the inside flaps and am delierious about the text, I just can’t get the front cover to work. Its very frustrating because I am running out of time.

My questions are:-

1) Can anyone please tell me how I can get a full-page image on the front cover using bookify?

2) If this is not possible, how do I get my perfectly formatted Blurb Word book in to Booksmart?

3) Is it possible to combine the text from bookify and the cover from BookSmart?

Any help you can give will be greatly appriciated!

Many thanks,


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Nov 25, 2012 8:42pm PDT

Hi Maroc_aus,

Unfortunately there is not full bleed cover option using the Bookify cover creator after uploading a Word to Book project.

You can try to import your project into BookSmart using the Word Import feature found under New Book Project > Trade/Pocket > Word Import. It should be noted that this isn’t something that was built for backwards compatibility but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

BookSmart and Bookify projects cannot be combined.


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Nov 26, 2012 12:26pm PDT
csm Icon_staff

I am living the same situation than Maroc_aus right now and it is very frustrating ! I worked hours and hours to make my novel perfect.  I checked page by page the disposition of the text, the number pages, the chapters, everything ! I was so disappointed when i realised that i couldn’t put my illustration (that I paid a grafist 350$) on the full cover. There is always 1/3 of the page where I have to place my title even if my title and my name already figures on my illustration ! I tried also to transfer my book to booksmart. Then, yes, i could put my image on full cover but my 200 pages of text is a mess ! I just can’t put it a nice way because it is just not made for long texts. I went to bed at 2 in the moring crying like a little baby. Today, I called printers in my region but it won’t be ready for Xmas and i can’t sell my novel this way. I can’t beleive there is not the option to make a full cover with the word to book. it’s a non-sense. I don’t know what I will do but I am very disapointed by this service.

 At least Maroc_aus, I know how you feel…

 and sorryfor my english mistakes. I speak french but the discussions are in english. I tried !


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Dec 6, 2012 4:14pm PDT

I, too, found the same problems as Maria [Maroc_aus] and Rosalie [rose82]. I’ve just finished uploading my first-ever, very-carefully created, text-rich, 290-page, 6×9 Trade book. I am SO PLEASED with the results on the inside of the book. I used the Blurb plug-in for Word and it works just as promised.

But the next step – creating the cover in Bookify – has been VERY disappointing. There are so many limitations! After having previewed many books in the Blurb Bookstore, I now see that MY book cover can NEVER look like some of the beautiful ones I’ve seen there. I feel cheated. It seems that I should have been made aware of this before starting the Word-to-Blurb process. (I also feel cheated about the term “Image Wrap”. As a non-professional, first-time book maker, the term “Image Wrap” leads me to believe that an image can be made to wrap around the cover of a book, spine included. Not so in Bookify.)

To add frustration to frustration, it’s impossible for me to include the short title AND longer sub-title of my book in the limited text box space provided on the front cover. I also can’t fully include the name of the author, together with the name of the translator/editor. Even the font options are limited. Overall, the layout options – with text taking up almost one-third of the front cover – are quite ugly, actually. So untypical for what I’d expect from Blurb!

With so many authors of text-based books using Blurb, I’m surprised that Bookify limits the placement of photos and text on the cover. It seems that offering a full-page image option for the front cover (as is available on the back cover) would be a simple & beautiful solution…

Blurb people – is this a fix you have in the works? Maybe an update is just around the corner? I was hoping to order my book this week….

Maria and Rosalie – have you discovered any solutions since you posted in this forum over a year ago? How did you eventually create your book cover?


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Jan 13, 2014 12:43pm PDT