Quality of finished product

Help.  I’ve read lots about sizing, jpeg degradation, ppi & dpi and am still in the dark!  On opening blurb for the first time, I quickly started a book with photos loaded from Flickr.  After a good few days when I’d finished, I then read the ‘tips’ forum, which made me think again.  The jpegs loaded from flickr were taken with a point & shoot camera at 6/8 million pixels; they’d previously been ‘messed about’ with in Photoshop (inherited on my sons old computer).  Does that mean that every time they are viewed on flickr or I work on my book, that they will degrade.  Also, the pictures fit in the ‘windows’ of the book even though in Photoshop, the images are bigger than the specified window size.   Should I now remove the pictures from the book, making careful note of the required sizes, and either crop them in Photoshop or resize the image??? or will this degrade the pictures further.  Please be gentle wih me; my technical knowledge is limited to ‘meddling’ with Photoshop, levels, filters & curves etc, you get my drift? 

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Sep 16, 2008 5:05am PDT