How I delt why uploading problems

Hi there

I had the terrible message that a lot of you have seen "Hmmm, we’re having a problem uploading your book".

I tried to find out a solution in the forums, but the issue but only addressed to my knowledge by people asking questions and trying to find solutions, so DIY man ! I read somewhere else that the firewall could be suspected, had a look to it, and saw that booksmart.exe was authorised.

But I remembered also that I uploaded the last release version of BooksSmart (1.99), and I saved it to a specific folder, wanting to avoid overwriting previous versions.

Had another look back to the firewall, and Bingo! the program link was not the same. I changed it and the image uploading could start again…

If I had a conclusion, I would say that check first your firewall or antivirus, and may be you’ll be done !

Hope this helps. J

ean-Louis from France

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Oct 24, 2008 3:21pm PDT