Font displays differently in Booksmart than it does in the book preview on the Blurb website

I chose my font Linoscript while working in Booksmart on my PC.  I went to Publish Preview and it looks exactly how I want it to look.  I uploaded the book onto blurb into my bookstore.  I ordered a copy and chose to allow preview for my book.  When I preview my book from the blurb website the typeface looks different.  The typeface is no longer completely solid.  Where the curves of one letter touch the next letter it goes white.  When I soft proof it on my home printer the type is solid and looks fine. How will the font look on the books that I order?   Will it match Booksmart preview and softproofing on my home PC or will it match what is seen from the preview on the Blurb website?

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Dec 4, 2008 11:39am PDT