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Problem with the "More Options..." --> BookSmart crashes !!!

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying to update some font colors and some background colors, but each time I click on the "More Options…" button, BookSmart crashes (shuts down).

As I don’t want one of the few predefined colours, this is highly inconvenient… 

Also the wierd thing is that I’ve been using this functionality before and never had a problem. But now it does the same thing on any of my books that are in preparation.

 Does anyone has the same issue ? if so, have you been able to solve it ?!

 Thanks a lot,


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Feb 3, 2009 10:48am PDT

Hi CouCou,

What I *think* is happening is that BookSmart is reaching for your operating system’s native color chooser, but your OS doesn’t like it. So, please try the following (and if this doesn’t work, please contact customer support & include a link to this thread in your message):

1) Please navigate to C:/ProgramFiles/BookSmart/Lib. Locate the file called NativeSmart.dll and please drag this file to the desktop.
2) Now please open BookSmart and see if the crash has been eliminated.

If BookSmart now functions correctly, you may delete the NativeSmart.dll file from your desktop.

If the problem persists, please please contact customer support.

Best regards,


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Feb 3, 2009 12:58pm PDT