PDF to Book

Distiller setting

I used the following Blurb-recommended process to produce my PDF to Book book from Indesign CS2 successfully:

InDesign CS2 —> PS file —> Distiller —> PDF for upload

The PS files wereprinted from InDesign with the Device Independent option selected.
I used the PDF X-3 Export v1-1 with Distiller 8.

The only adjustment I had to make was setting the default page size in Distiller prior to processing the PS files. Distiller was producing PDFs according to its own default page size settings, ignoring the sizes set in the original InDesign files.

Just prior to distilling a PS file, I simply opened Edit Adobe PDF Settings (Ctrl-E) and entered the correct page size (provided by Blurb’s specifications tool) into the dialog’s Default Page Size fields.

The numbers for the cover and the pages were different of course.

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Jul 13, 2011 9:00am PDT