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Project Details Are Missing !!!

Last night I attempted to Upload a finished project to Blurb using the Blurb Book Creator plugin for InDesign CS5.5.

It refused to let me do so because, even though I set the cover template page count correctly, the page count wasstill incorrect for my pages file! I had to resort to manually uploading the PDF files to Blurb.

Today when I went back to my Project it appears to be completely missing from BBC except for a missleading Project Name as seen in the dialog:

 Project Creator Dialog

There are NO project details now to be seen. What then my I ask is the purpose of these plugins when they can’t update themselves correctly for a working project ?

Is there some simple solution for this problem now, or do I need to recreate my InDesign project files ?

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Jun 26, 2013 12:00pm PDT