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PDF upload system is flawed, and Customer Service can't help

I uploaded the PDF of my books a couple weeks ago, in time for the deadline of the Photography.Book.Now petition. An 8×10 book with 50 black-and-white pictures took about 11 hours. My 12×12 book, with 60 square B&W pictures, took 20 hours.

The Previews for my books are a mess. The covers are washed-out, and several of the pages are high-contrast and vividly blue. The rest of the pictures lack true black. But—-that’s not why I’m writing this today.

After several back-and-forth e-mails with the Customer Service folks—-who were unfailingy pleasant and polite, but also COMPLETELY INEFFECTUAL—-I was instructed to re-upload my big book. (Another 20-hour process that dominated myband-width completely, so that I couldn’t use the internet fo a full day while he upload was happening.) A day later I checked my Preflight Status, and found that the cover I’d sent was about a sixteenth of an inch too big (probably because I’d changed from Premium to regular paper, and hadn’t recalculated the effect that would have on the cover specs). The Preflight page instructed me to re-upload the cover only, which I did. However, since the normal workflow requires that one upload both cover and pages, in order to finish the project and recieve a Job Number, I didn’t get a job number for that cover re-upload.

But now BLURB can’t see or find either the pages or the cover, and they want me to re-re-upload the whole thing AGAIN. The Customer Service people insist that both must be uploaded at the same time, even though that disagrees with the messages I got from the screen. If bothuploads were sucesful—-as the screeen explicitly told me—-then why can’t they find and re-unite theparts of my book?

I’m furious with these people. 






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Aug 3, 2009 4:41pm PDT