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Locked FTP upload option request for PDF files

I’ve been uploading several large file for a set of books, however the final one, set to upload overnight, suffered from a connection failure and I’ve had to resume it this morning, it’s likely to take another 9 to 11 hours!

A FTP upload area for customers with PDF files would be extremely useful. FTP is very reliable and can resume transfers if a connection is interrupted.

Or you could look at technology such as that used by Dropbox.com and have a small sync’d folder which uploads directly. 

Anything would be better than the browser upload system!

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Dec 6, 2010 2:11am PDT

Hello jonathan9,
I’m sorry to see that you have had some upload trouble getting your PDF files here to Blurb.
I have looked at the files uploaded to us and they all appear to be about 250MB per book. If they are taking 9-11 hours, I have to assume that you are not on a broadband connection, and possibly still on an ISDN connection uploading at approximately 7 KB/sec. Uploading at this speed will be problematic no matter where the destination.
The idea of uploading to an FTP service may seem like a logical solution, but the downside of this procedure far outweighs any perceived upside. If, by chance, your files are not prepared properly, then not only is your original upload time is still wasted, but also the delay in us downloading the files from the FTP service, analyzing them, and then reporting back our findings. Then you must correct the files, and go through this cycle again. This would be tremendously frustrating.
We recently unveiled a new Java Uploader, which I see you have sporadically used, which has vastly improved any connectivity issues that some users experienced. Two big advantages to this Java uploader are that the connections between your computer and our server are far more consistent, and a new preflight check that takes place on your computer prior to uploading the file. In your case where your upload speeds are limited, this new functionality could save days in upload time if the files needed to be corrected.
As with any file upload procedure where large files are concerned there are a few things to try if you are not experiencing a successful upload.
- You are seeing ""in progress"" on the first step of the Preflight page for PDF Upload after several hours after uploading, there may be a problem that occurred during the upload process. You will need to upload again, as the file did not completely upload properly
- You have uploaded both the cover and pages file AND seen the final page which appears after completing this step.
- That you have tried at least one alternate internet browser.
- If connecting from a wireless connection you have tried from a wired connection instead.
- You have temporarily shut down any known firewalls, either hardware or software.
- Our Java Uploader must be allowed to operate by selecting ""Allow"" on the Security Certificate.
jonathan9, please feel free to write in to our Help->Customer Support to my attention if I can assist with anything at all.
Hope this helps!

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Dec 6, 2010 2:00pm PDT
JoeCro Icon_staff

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the reply, I’ve been very impressed with the support response on your website.

 We are indeed on broadband, ADSL and have been for many years!

But, here in the UK our broadband upload speeds are are fraction of the download speed. Connections are also contended, at busy periods, we don’t get anything like the throughput we are supposed too. The largest files I uploaded took between 8 and 9 hours, uploading similar files via FTP usually would take two-thirds that time. However one overnight (which failed, would have probably completed in 4 hours!

What I’d also suggest is adding a time remaining clock on your upload dialog box, similar to Javascript uploads at YouTube, so at least you’ll get an estimated time.

 I appreciate you’ve setup a new Java uploader, and I’m sure many find it very useful. The trouble is with Java (and I’m talking with my IT Consultant’s hat on now), is that in general it’s fairly insecure, and we only enable it on one of our separated systems, it’s not a technology we like to use, and one which is slowly falling out of favour, due to all manner of security issues and holes regularly discovered – well covered in the IT press.

And on that note, it may also be worth pointing out that your Java uploader (Blurb Pdf Uploader)’s digital signature has an error, its digital signature has expired!

 We don’t use wireless either, due to data security.

The pre-flight happened almost instantaneously.

The reason I suggest FTP, is that  most printers (including very large PLCs) we work with have this option, the files FTP direct to an area of their system, are reviewed directly (without downloading their site). I apprecate it’d introduce complexity though, especially with some many customers all over the world.

Other than the uploads, which are mostly down to the UKs poor connections, your site in general has worked very well, and we are looking forward to receiving out first order.

Best wishes,




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Dec 7, 2010 4:22am PDT

I’m having the same issues. The upload procedure is painfully slow and has crashed out on me no less than three times today. FTP would be MUCH better. Even using drop box. Uploading large PDFs through a browser when almost everyone has a slow uplink – unless we use the ones at work… is a tad archaic.

Some more options would be welcome.

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Sep 17, 2012 10:34am PDT

Hi neal.lankest,

This post is rather old as we now support a Flash uploader, Java uploader and uploading directly within InDesign. I suggest trying one of the methods you have not yet tried, along with an alternative browser. If you continue to have trouble let us know.


Note: Locking post due to age.

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Sep 17, 2012 3:55pm PDT
csm Icon_staff