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Great problem resolution by Blurb

I ordered a proof book several weeks ago and changed some of my book’s images based on what I saw in this book.  When I received my revised book I was extremely disappointed:  the images were dark, muddy, and lacked clarity, and the text was much darker than that in my proof book.  Further, the paper had much more of a matte texture than my proof book.  When I looked at where the books had been printed, I saw that the proof book was printed in Rochester, NY while the revised book was printed in Seattle, WA.

I wrote a letter of complaint expressing my frustration and dissatisfaction, and noting the irrelevance of a proof book if the final book will be printed by a different printer, on different paper. I asked if the second reprint could be done by the Rochester printer originally used.  Within a few hours Blurb sent a return UPS label for the reprinted book and had the Rochester printer print my book free of charge.  They arrived about a week later and looked beautiful.

Thank you Blurb for quick, excellent customer service.  I will be making more books with Blurb in the future.


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Oct 6, 2008 10:52am PDT