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Google and other servers Book Search Program/ Sell and Promote your books

 Hello to the Blurb Staff and Authors,

 Re: Sell Your Blurb Books

I just wanted to share with the Blurb staff  and the Authors, that I  enjoy writing books 

with Blurb software. I have some suggestions to sell the Blurb Books in other 



Tthe  Blurb  software is really good, the books can be  sold and

uploaded through Google Book Search Program. You  submit your name

as an author to  the Google Publisher Program and then add your title.

The "Publisher"  Google Program  is easy . You just join and sign  in to Google, 

you can sell your books.


Then follow the steps and instructions to add  the title,  add the book cover and  add the book

file. The Google staff is very competent, courteous and will answer your questions 

in a timely manner. 

You can save the Image of your book and name the book cover image  with your  13 digit 

isbn no.ex. 1234567891011_frontcover.pdf , Google does require an ISBN NO.

in order to promote and sell  your book. 


Also, Google does provide a link to amazon so you can also sell your book on

other bookstore websites.

The last step is deciding on a price that benefits all, but most important is 

the reader. (especially the reader )because shipping costs must be added in to the 

price of the book sale price, so you don’t want it too expensive for the buyer.

Good luck to all…


Margo Snyder 

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Oct 4, 2007 10:38am PDT

Thanks Margo,

 I just checked it and at the Google Book Search Help Center it says:

<font size="+0">What is an ISBN and do I need one? </font>

An ISBN or International Standard Book Number, is a number that uniquely identifies all books published worldwide. Valid ISBNs consist of 10 or 13 digits preceded by the letters ‘ISBN.’ All books submitted to Google Book Search must have a valid ISBN. For more information on how to obtain an ISBN for your title, please visit <font color="#0000cc"></font>.

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Oct 4, 2007 12:50pm PDT