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possibility to correct books

I have a problem with English, but the best way to have visibility is using English.
when uploading a book, it is deleted from your bookstore after 14 days if not ordered. No problems.
If I find mistakes in my book while processing an order, it can’t get corrected … very understandable, no problem.
if I want to make corrections to a book, and nor ordering it again within 14 days, this is impossible, and so all the next possible clients have to buy a book with mistakes in it.
If I correct it, it is deleted after 14 days.
I think here is a problem with a possibility to do something about without causing problems, or without making blurb loose some money.

So my question is the possibility to re-upload a book without making it a new one, and so not being forced to order your own book more than once if you find mistakes in it. If it is sold later, at least the clients could order the correct books.

I saw this problem when a book of me was sold, without myself knowing it, and not knowing who ordered it.

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Sep 12, 2010 1:14pm PDT