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Self Publishing Through Blurb Is The Future

So, I have used Blurb several times to create volumes of my work with models I am working with and the first few were more tests than serious efforts, but my latest book highlighting my work with model, Liz La Point has taken off and is enjoying a lot of exposure and success…

A Year With Liz – A Photographic Journey

It is a fine art photo book that does feature some nudity but the emphasis is on the art.

I have begun sending out copies for review (out of pocket review copies are the only expense but is outweighed by actual sales) and of course there are some periodicals and websites that won’t take it seriously because it is self published through Blurb, but more are actually excited by a new era of independence and welcome something different.

With so much corporate censorship in chain bookstores (the photo art sections in chain book stores seem to dwindling at an alarming rate) it is nice to find artists now have a new (and bolder) place to share their work. It is nice to know that even though Blurb is a great place to make family albums and event books, they still allow a censor free zone for artists to profit from their work.

I love Blurb. It has helped me reach a whole new audience and help the models I shoot with considerably. (I have encouraged many people and photographers to use Blurb at the very least to create nice portfolios or showcases for their work.)

Here are some of the links to the amusing press we have started to get… (NSFW)

I have purchased Blurb books from other photographers and encourage others to do so as well to support this growing movement. The establishment has enjoyed an exclusive market on what art should sell or not for too long.

Terry Osterhout

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Mar 2, 2011 7:28am PDT