Book Design and Imaging

Making a 10x8 copy of a 13x11 book.

I made a 10×8 copy of a 13×11 book which hasn’t been printed/published yet (still checking for typos,etc). The book contains photos and poetry. I had to re-size the fonts smaller to fit into the smaller text containers.  Although the photos "look" OK  in preview – I’m wondering if I still should/have to down-size the photos, pixel-wise, to conform to the 10×8 image container recommendations. The photos in the 13×11 were resized originally to conform to at least the long size dimension (pixels) recommended for the image containers. I posed the same question to blurb Tech. Support and David said I should’nt have to re-size unless the photos look weird grainy, pixilated or blurry. I want to believe but I thought I’d run this by the membership/users community.



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Jul 25, 2011 3:53pm PDT