Book Design and Imaging

What is the size of the joint of the image wrap covers?

I just uploaded my pdf to create Standard Portrait size book with image wrap cover.

I used indesign to create a pdf, and everything went fine including the uploading the file.

Then I checked the webpage that was created for just uploaded book with an image of a cover leaning against a wall.

On that image of the cover (digitally created to show me what it would like like I think) I noticed that since it is a image wrap cover, it has the joint, that ditch part that connects the spine and the front cover. There is one on the back side also. 

Anyways, the book title is actually going over the dtich part and plus, because of this ditch, whole thing on the front cover lookes skewed to the left side. I would like to know the exact distance from the left edge of the book to the right edge of the joint. I need to make an adjustment.

I wanted to contact you guys, but since I need an answer as soon as possible, I put this questin up here. If I do not get an answer by the time your chat is available again, I will try to chat with ya’ll. 


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Dec 28, 2011 3:32am PDT