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B/W color cast publishing from BookSmart 3.2

I recently published two new B/W photo books using BookSmart 3.2; utilizing some photos previously published in an older Blurb book, along with some new images.

When the books arrived, I noticed a definite blue-green color cast to the B/W images…the exact same JPG files that had printed correctly in my previous Blurb book.

I reloaded BookSmart 3.1 onto my computer, exported the new books into BS 3.1 and re-published the books using BookSmart 3.1.  The new books (using 3.1) look terrific…the B/W reproduction matches my previous Blurb books, matches my computer screen and prints made of the images, and looks correct to the eye. 

I worked with a very helpful person named Micaela in Customer Support who helped me handle this issue; but the bottom line at this point seems to be that I’ll continue to use BS 3.1 as long as Blurb will support it since I have had good results with the B/W reproduction.

Anyone else having B/W reproduction issues with BookSmart 3.2?

Bo Gray

Lexington, KY

Posted by
Feb 24, 2012 11:06am PDT