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Thank you Blurb

For those who have b/w magenta cast printing issues with Blurb, I too had magenta cast issues with my second b/w book.  Blurb agreed with me after seeing photographs of the book and reprinted free of charge.  I recieved the new version this morning from the Netherlands.  This copy is just superb.  It is by all intents and purposes a black and white photo book as good as it gets for the money and even better.  It is truely a black and white book without any noticeable cast when viewed in daylight (I have yet to look at it under artificial light).  Blurb – please pass on my thanks to the printers in the Netherlands for their quality and attention to detail.  It proves that it can be done if we all let Blurb know we won’r put up with second rate printing.  Let’s now hope the printers keep up the good work and Blurb stays on top of things.


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Dec 12, 2008 2:26am PDT