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First book

Hi, everyone.  First post, first book. I’ve done some professional papers, but nothing like this. :-)

Last fall my wife asked me to write a story for our granddaughtrer’s fourth brithday. The idea grew into a book I wrote with illustrations she drew.  Blurb was really convenient with the Booksmart software, the customer support was helpful, and overall we were happy with things.  Then something surprised us.  Friends and family who saw the book said we should put the it on the market.  I wasn’t comfortable with the idea, stalled as long as I could, but I’ve given in.  Version 1.2 ready to make public. But, being a newcomer, I’d like someone who isn’t a family member or friend to at least look at the preview.  Anyone have a suggestion?


Jim Whitt

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Feb 2, 2009 8:54pm PDT