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Which is the best Hardcover and End Sheets (Pro Line) for a Fashion Photography Book!!!!!

Hey guys well tbh i’m minutes away from ordering my 2nd blurb book, so excited cos the 1st one was so amazing and with all the new upgrades which i never had before with pro line my heart is having palpitations. Anyways i’m needing some advice my main themes are fashion photography. The front cover is white with a bright blue and pink coloured fashion image centre frame with small black writing to the top and bottom of the cover and on the back is an full frame image of a woman straddling a tree (Dont ask me why, well just to show youth and rebellion lol….but not the point). Now in my basket already i have this with Pro Line Pearl Photo paper, Pro Line Light Grey End sheets and the Oatmeal linen. I absolutely love them all. However i’m not sure whether the hardcover and end sheets will suit my book and complement the front cover and images inside cos they are quite gritty some of the photographs inside. Because i could easily go with the black and charcoal end sheet and hardcover.

Would really appreciate the help i know its personal preference but on the other hand it can be seen on a professional and business basis and needs to look right.

I think this is the link to my book hope you guys like it anyways.


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Jun 17, 2011 10:11pm PDT