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First Order - General Review

I really wanted to write this review because I think people are a lot quicker to come to the forums and complain about issues than they are to come and rave about their good experiences. While reading this, please realize that I did not print out a photography book like the majority of people on here do. My book did have images in it, but they were drawn.

As a Christmas gift to my niece, I wrote her a storybook that features her and has illustrations obviously including her, her sister, mother, and father. It was never my intention to sell this book publicly, so I can’t give any sort of review on selling books.

When I was first looking at professionally printing it, I was looking at a competitor’s website. I completely formatted my book to their template. However, literally days before I ordered it, they changed their settings so that if I wanted a hardcover, it had to be literally one page more than I had formatted my book for!

This is what brought me to blurb. Once I saw their BookSmart software, I felt I was in love. It is so easy to use. There are some things that I found to be an issue: for example, it doesn’t feature a wrap text function.. But I just screen caped my page and then posted that single one as an image. Overall, the software is amazing, and I don’t think there are any issues that would make me turn away from it. I especially love that you can create your own templates, so all of my text pages are identical in placing. One also has to realize it is the ONLY book making software, so you need to let blurb evolve it.

The actual ordering was a little bit rocky for me. Since the website states that it offers both trackable and nontrackable shipping options, I had decided I was going to pay the extra amount for a tracking number, because I’m paranoid of my packages getting lost in the mail. When I went to order it, I realized it doesn’t specify whether or not it included a tracking number. When I talked to customer support, I was told that all I could do is order the more expensive shipping and hope that it had a tracking number. I don’t understand why t couldn’t just specify at checkout, but I did end up with a tracking number.

Shipping was incredibly fast! I live in British Columbia, Canada. It was shipped from one province over, but it was here within a week from the time of placing the order.

The book itself looks excellent. I am overly impressed with it. I ordered it in the premium lustre. It wasn’t quite as shiny as I expected, but it still looks fantastic. The paper itself also has a very good weight and sturdiness to it.

I was very worried about printing errors, since there is so much mention of it here on the forums. I very thoroughly inspected the two copies I ordered. They are both identical, with fantastic quality in every sense. The only singe issue that I had was that one of the books had sticky fingerprints on them. There was one on the backside of the cover, and one on one of the inside pages. They wiped right off with an incredibly damp (almost dry) cloth, but it bothered me that someone would handle the books and pages with residue on their hands. I’ve never heard anyone else mention this on the forums, so I doubt it happens very often. Also, as I said, it wiped right off so I’m not really worried or concerned about it.

Conclusion: Blurb is amazing. If I ever have any reason to print a book again, this is 100% where I am coming. To anyone who is new to Blurb, don’t be discouraged by the negative comments in the forums. As I said before, I think people are much quicker to complain than to compliment. Furthermore, I have yet to see any instance where Blurb has not replaced any damaged or misprinted books. They are very quick to fix any of their mistakes.

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Nov 22, 2012 12:42am PDT