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First book: color control

Hi everybody,

just sharing my experience.

I have received my first book.

It uses a full black background and hence white text.

The text is extremely crisp, even on the cover

In the pictures, the blacks are really black.

 I have a calibrated monitor (Monaco Optix) and I have to say that, when accounting for the fact that the paper is not Luster (I prefer that to the glossy paper ), color rendition and contrast are there.

Yes, if you look from really close you will see the print reticle, but from normal viewing distance you have to look for it.

I have seen worse in "real" books.

 I have shown the book to anyone I know, and received very good comments on the quality, even from photographers.


I am showing it soon to some pros, to geet their feedback.


I wish there was a wider choice on paper, maybe even with little heavier stock, and maybe with different finishings.


Ciao, Marco. 

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Dec 11, 2007 11:53pm PDT