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Just received first book: Not too bad, some lessons learned

So I just received my first Blurb book via UPS about 30 minutes ago.  Not too bad, i’ll definately order again in the future.  I did have some lessons learned however on this first book though

1)  I was REALLY upset/sad to see that on my full page photo’s…there was this stupid black square showing up dead center at the top.  I fired up the Booksmart software and sure enough the square is there.  So after about 2 minutes of mucking around….what I discovered this is one of those [ORNAMENTS] that was showing up.  I must have accidently been mucking around with that but because most of my pages were NOT full page photos…and the background was BLACK…i simply was not seeing this inclusion.  Painfull/expensive lesson but ultimately a "user error"....

 2)  Like a lot of posts I would agree that the pictures are in fact coming back darker/faded out then what i visually see on my monitor but then i’ve been printing my own photo’s at home long enough to realize I almost never get exactly what i’m seeing on my screen. However, the quality was well within my range of "good enough" that I wont scream and yell about it.

 Thanks Blurb….definately a way to generate some fun christmas presents in the future.

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Sep 26, 2008 6:33pm PDT