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When my Professional London fashion week blurb book arrived......

When my professional London fashion week blurb book arrived…… at my door, i have to admit i had butterflies and was terrified if anything was wrong with it, as i have scrolled through many of the topics, advice and reviews about other people’s experiences, blurb books, quality and everything else on this site as most of it is quite negative well, very very negative so obviously i had my doubts.

I had ordered the biggest and best one cos thats just what im like so 12″ × 12″ hardcover with dust jacket with premium paper and without the blurb logo on, cos i want it to be all mine and personal. So yeah i did spend a few bob on it, and well it is for my university fashion photography interview, which i will hopefully get.

So yeah this book does mean alot to me. Anyways when i arrived the packaging was great, the book was sealed in a bubble wrap pouch and inserted into a white cardboard package, so the book was well protected.

when i opened it up and got the book out it was absolutely beautiful, the dust jacket really gives it a classy, modern look very clean, and the quality and colours were perfect.

Now as i am a photographer i normally pick out the very smallest of things to complain about either the colours or quality or whatever. But i could not pick one thing out that i felt was bad everything was just how i imagined it.

problems that i have heard that people have been faced with are the white speckles on some pages ok i saw a couple of small white dots on 1 or two photos but nothing to go crazy about so dont worry about that, its normal, honestly you cant even tell.

The next problem that people have been faced with was the dust jacket, mine was perfectly folded nothing out of place , looks great and just want to add the dust jacket looks so much better than the image wrap.
The next thing was after a few uses the pages start to come away or separate , mine hasn’t, still really solid.

Oh also there was a problem with the darkness of photographs that people had , i had nothing like that.

All i can advice to people is dont mess around sharpening and un-sharpening your photographs to get the correct resolution and all that rubbish, just go with the flow.

Ok so the quality of the photographs are amazing the black and white ones look dramatic and atmospheric and colour ones are very vibrant , so could not fault

Overall, my experience with blurb has been amazing and will definatley order with them again, except from the really long wait but i guess i shouldn’t complain because it was still in the order dates they had promised.

But i am so so so so happy with my purchase and hopefully the university will love it too and give me a place, haha.

So hopefully this review on my experience has settled some peoples worries and queries about purchasing, all i say is just DO IT!!! NOW!!

you can see my book on

and my photography website is

please leave comments and critique about my work would be much appreciated and very very helpful for uni thankyou again


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Mar 19, 2010 11:43am PDT


Thanks for your great post and welcome to the Blurb forums! Love it when someone posts about their good experiences – we can’t get enough of the positive remarks.

Really liked your book, btw!

Good luck at uni and thanks again for postin.

– Kathy

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Mar 19, 2010 12:37pm PDT

hey thanks i really appreciate it


also would you be able to no how i could be able to get my book on staff picks

thanks again


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Mar 22, 2010 9:47am PDT