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Problems with color printing BW

 Hi all. This is my first post in the forum. 
 Last Friday I received a second printing of a hardcover book with dust jacket and color and BW images, both in RGB and JPEG files.
The first impression was quite correct in color but BW images had a green tint. The cover was better, with a very slight purple tint.
Blurb‘s recommendation was to reprint with non-interlaced PNG files. The result was worse than the first printing pictures in BW bluer in both inland and on the dust jacket cover. Color images in general correct.
I do not know what’s possible on my part to improve printing and I need some books and exhibition catalogs.
The background color is set to:
Mat = 40
Sat = 240
Lum = 237
 When in reality I see  " white " paper in my book.
Is it possible that there is a translation to ensure that the background is white and the result is a blue tone to the images?

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Feb 27, 2011 1:41pm PDT