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Delighted with Blurb / disappointed (annoyed) with Fedex

Dear FedEx, I’m NOT impressed.

According to your online tracking feature, you tried to deliver at 4:17 p.m., but returned with an “incorrect address” error.

After calling my local contact number and wading through a seemingly endless phone menu, I finally got connected with a live operator from your customer service. As it turns out, this person was pretty unhelpful and kept on repeating the same standard pre-scripted statements, without any suggestions which may really have furthered this issue towards a resolution.

So now let me ask you:

Is it standard FedEx practice that the customer has to come up with suggestions as to WHY the “incorrect address” error occurred (=> it’s located in a newly built allotment, a little bit off of a well-known road with which it shares the same postal code) ?

Also, is it standard FedEx practice, that the customer has to suggest a solution, so he or his family don’t have to spend another complete day stuck at home, waiting for your delivery because the only info you can give is “it depends on the driver’s route” (=> please give me a call on my mobile 30 minutes before delivery) ?

And finally: is it standard FedEx practice, that the live operator is passive and only reacts with a bare minimum of informations instead of proactively seeking a solution, working towards customer satisfaction ?

As aforementioned, I’m not impressed…

The really sad thing is: I ordered this book via Blurb and the whole process (registering with Blurb, creating the book and finally ordering it) was flawless, until it came to the delivery part. I will take this up with Blurb as well, and if they don’t offer alternatives for future deliveries, I’m sorry to say, but this will probably be my last Blurb book…

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Oct 15, 2012 11:35am PDT