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Decline in Blurb shipping/support?

I’ve ordered copies of my book (400 pages, full color, hardcover with d/j, nearly $100 apiece) several times, and until now, have been well pleased. When I got my latest order today, I was shocked.

1) The books were shrink-wrapped (loosely) two copies together instead of snugly individually as I have gotten every previous order.

2) In each of the three cartons, the books were packed VERY loosely, with almost no padding, so the books were free to slide around during shipment.

3) Every previous order packed my books into a carton, which then was inside another carton, all well-padded and protected.

 4) The dust jackets on all my books are loose, probably as a result of being so badly shrink-wrapped, and as a result several are wrinkled. I certainly cannot sell these as new.

I did submit a ticket, and hope to hear back. I also tried direct contact – no luck. There are "no agents" available for online chat, and phone support has ended my call three times now after being on hold for 5 minutes each time. Is anyone else experiencing anything like this? I’ve praised Blurb’s quality (and quality control) to many other prospective book publishers before this; I’m hoping I don’t have to find another supplier!

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Aug 19, 2013 11:26am PDT