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Quite Impressed - Just Received my Book

I recieved my first order yesterday of my book, As I Wander: New Zealand’s South Island.  I am quite pleased.  I was concerned, having read of the many problems listed here.  I’ have a Cafe Press shop and know that reading the forums on a POD site can give you a more negative slant on a service as people mostly post their problems, but wasn’t sure what the actual issues would be (if any).  

It took a little longer to get to me than I expected it would, closer to 20 business days, but that’s outside Blurb’s control.  I had gone for the economy shipping so I’ve chosen the next best option in my order last night for my family’s Christmas gifts.  

 One thing I did notice is that some pages have a few tiny white ‘dust’-like spots.  This isn’t a problem for me, it doesn’t take away from the photos & they aren’t big dots nor wide-spread.  I think it’s what you’d probably get in any commercially-printed book.   I mention it because some people might consider it a flaw.

 And true to what I’ve read on the forums, the pictures do print darker.  I’d expect that because I’ve printed on matte paper before (would love to have glossy if it’s ever an option).  I didn’t lighten my photos for my South Island book, and really only 1 of the images should have been lightened as it was a bit too dark for my preference.  I’ve just finished and uploaded a 2nd book.  I’ve lightened some of the photos in this one so I’ll be interested to see how they turn out when it gets here.

 The finished book aside, I had a few couple with Booksmart and with ordering but Customer Support was overall helpful & haven’t had problems wiath Booksmart since the recent update.  I am looking forward to getting my 2nd copy and the Christmas gifts I’ve ordered and need to think about my next possibility!  

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Oct 16, 2009 2:19am PDT