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When does Sales Date kick in in the Metrics area?

We published our first blurb book (Blessed Are These Hands) on Sunday afternoon

The book’s Metrics area indicates

  • 96 page visitors on Sunday and around 75 vistors on Monda
  • No sales yet

The book’s Sales area indicates

  • 4 hardcover and 3 softcover sales pending
  • These sales were Sunday afternoon -  within a few hours after we announced our book’s publication on facebook

Is the sales data on this book broken or is this standard blurb operating procedure?

Did our pending sales indicator freeze a couple of hours after we published and made a few sales?

Any suggestions from experienced blurb authors is greatly appreciated!



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Dec 15, 2009 5:26am PDT

No one answered this question so I started the process of writing to customer service. I found them very helpful on another issue. Before submitting, I read the suggested "answers others found useful" and disovered the answer to this question:

Question: Why aren’t orders showing up in my Book Metrics?

Let’s say you know for a fact that a number of people have ordered your book, but when you go to check, these orders are not showing up on your Book Metrics page. What’s going on?

Book Metrics reflect sales made on the date that the book order ships out, not the date that that it is placed. As you may have noted yourself, we do not charge credit cards for book costs until the book has finished production and ships out. Consequently, we don’t recognize revenue or sales until that point. 

When I searched by keyword for "metrics" this answered didn’t show up. But sure enough, this answers my question. Perhaps the text on the bottom 2 boxes of the Metrics page could be more clear?


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Dec 16, 2009 1:21am PDT