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Price rise
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Yes the price increase is a killer. I started a book at a $15.95 price 3 years ago. In summer last year the price was the same $15.95. By summer this year it briefly paused at $17.95 and now is $19.95. I just cannot move my little project at a 25% increase along with a default shipping option that is far too expensive and premium for what I need. I probably ordered 200+ books in addition to my direct sales with Blurb since I started with them in 2007. I could swallow that kind of increase on special event 1 or 2 copy orders. I just cannot swing it on bulk orders – who knows it might be $23.95 this time next year. The quality is great but that is only going to go so far when the price is so high for a little 80 page pamphlet. 

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Oct 31, 2011 2:21pm PDT