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GREAT BOOK DESIGN! Our Life By pfrazier1 Would love to know more about it
Book Design and Imaging

I was informed through Linda Henning that there were questions in the forum regarding my book “Our Life”. Thanks for all the compliments. Each page was assembled in Adobe Photoshop and then dropped into Blurb as a full page bleed. I had a couple of photoshop templates set up and moved the art around to give the appearance of a different layout. I used several background stock images purchased from I also used Adobe InDesign to assemble the flow of the book and the copy but then transferred the type into photoshop. It ended up being a very tedious process especially as the book grew from my planned 30 pages to 68. If I had to do it all over again, which I probably will for my father’s family, I will streamline the process. I did it this way because I did want the book to look like a scrapbook and felt limited with Blurb’s templates. It took a lot of long nights to put it together since it was my christmas present to my family and I didn’t get my lazy butt in gear to start until the first of November. Again, I hope this answers some of the questions and again, thanks to all for the compliments.

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Dec 23, 2008 12:24pm PDT