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Hi. I have the solution and not thanks to Blurb support who just answered that ‘the file will print ok’….

The fact that I will not be able to sell a single copy with a preview where all pictures are dark and muddy didn’t really seem to worry anybody else except me :)

Anyway, I’m using InDesign CS4. I’m no expert – its my first time, but I finally found the problem.

I use the following settings and they produce consistently a good result:

Go to Edit>Color settings and set Working Space:
CMYK = HP Indigo Press 5000 – download from Blurb.

Color Management Policies: both RGB and CMYK to Convert to Working Space.

Conversion Options: Engine = Adobe (ACE), Intent = Absolute Colorimetric and check the box Use Black Point Compensation.

Then go to – and this is IMPORTANT – Edit > Transparency Blend Space and change it from CMYK to RGB.

Use only RGB images in your document and export it to PDF using the Blurb PDF X-3 profile.


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Nov 8, 2009 2:58pm PDT