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Booksmart Text Formats

I have spent hours fighting with the bugs on this program….I am disappointed with the latest up grade – At least I could manually set up the style and font size on each individual page (!!!!) before adding text , but now Booksmart has ‘upgraded’  – the problem of defaulting to Georgia 9 is even worse. I have had problems of text returning to the wrong text box when I have been editing the page layout, which I was unable to fix….

I am trying to complete a whole series of books – I have struggled with the first two and have had to start afresh with the third one, but cannot get past page ten without the default returning, yet again, to Georgia 9 – its like wading around in the mud going nowhere.  I am too fustrated…I can no longer work with this program.

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Sep 12, 2010 5:34pm PDT