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help with color flow...

Tomas,  I recently received a second printing of a book of cyclying photos and was very disturbed to discover that all the images had a green cast to them, when compared to mynear perfect color represented in the first printing of my book.  Such lattitude in color control from the first book to the second, at $63.00 per book is very disturbing.  It has very much made me think twice about trying my hand at another book with Blurb.  I sympathize with you, as I also use a calibrated monitor and Epson Pro 3800 printer.  I will read the article the technical support specialis suggests.  But I really feel I wasted $63 dollars on my second book.  I may try to discuss with Blurb officials if there is any recourse.  I’d be happy to mail them both books so their technicians can compare them side by side.  I’ll try to post any results to this issue at a future date.

Rob Currie

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Aug 16, 2007 6:35pm PDT