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I’m just designing my first book with Blurb and have been softproofing my images ready for book design.

 I should say that I do understand softproofing and colour management. I’ve used Photoshop for softproofing for books, magazines and CMYK inkjet prints for years, but the strange thing is that I’m kind of suprised just how little the image changes when viewed under softproofing with the Blurb profile.  

Normally I’m ready the initial shock of weak blacks, grey whites, poor saturation which I tweak with curves and Hue/saturation adjustment layers. But with the Blurb profile, there is hardly any difference. Perhaps slightly paler blacks and an overall slight lightening of the image – but nothing worth bothering about.

 Anyone else agree? Or have a missed something fundamental? I’m using a profile called "Blurb_ICC_Profile.icc". Elsewhere I’ve seen references to a HP5000SemimatteExpo5 profile, but I’m guessing that Blurb has changed that?

I’ve got black point compensation checked, simulate black ink checked, simulate paper colour unchecked and with rendering intent as Perceptual. I’m viewing on a very good quality Eizo monitor calibrated with hardware viewing at about 110 cd/m2.

 So, if you share my experiences, what actually do those of you who softproof actually change within the image? Are there any particular colours you look for that always go out of gamut?

Any advice or shared experiences appreciated. Thanks.

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Apr 28, 2010 12:39pm PDT