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“I have no way to know but my best guess is that Blurb’s popularity is outrunning the bandwidth of their server.”

I do have a way to know. I build and maintain the Blurb servers and production network.

Without revealing too many details, I can assure you that our main interest is in keeping our capacity ahead of the usage curve. Specifically, the downloads are handled by dedicated machines running behind a traffic load balancer with direct access to the Internet backbone at a large well-equipped colocation facility. This way we can easily add more capacity when the usage graphs indicate increased sustained load.

Looking at our bandwidth graphs during the period you were attempting the downloads and site access, I don’t see any unusually heavy or abnormal traffic. We have monitoring systems in place that would page me in minutes with any problems or downtime.

The people who work here at Blurb come from many technical and creative backgrounds, but the one thing in common is a desire to do it right This Time. Our backend infrastructure is no exception. From the outset it has been designed and built with Robust, Reliable and Scalable intentions.

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Jul 30, 2007 6:09pm PDT
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