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Can I get paid thru PayPal instead of a check?
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@dkeyes: i believe that payment is only available by cheque for all users, irrespective of your location.

But this is something that I would really like to see implemented by Blurb: payment of profits via PayPal.

On top of having to wait up to 45 days after the end of the calendar month for a cheque to be issued (which I am pleased to say my first one only took 35 days to be issued, and only 8 days to reach me via mail), those in Australia (and I’d imagine it’s similar in other countries that don’t have USD, GBP or EUR as their currency) have the issue of having to pay around $10 (that’s what my bank charges) for the privilege of having a foreign cheque paid into our bank accounts, PLUS we have to wait 28 days whilst the cheque is cleared.

I realise this is something out of Blurb’s control, but paying profits by PayPal would reduce the excessive waiting time between earning the profit and being able to access it, and save us losing out on more of the profits due to high bank fees.

Obviously there would still be merchant fees if applicable through PayPal, and the issue of exchanging currency from USD to AUD, but transferring funds from my PayPal account to my Australian bank account only takes 3-5 business days.

I suspect that Blurb would still charge a processing fee irrespective of the payment being made via cheque or PayPal, but it would make things much more user-friendly for international authors, and no doubt also be a popular option for all users of Blurb.

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Sep 19, 2008 3:04am PDT