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Happy with my book!
Book Printing

I received my first two copies of my book "Air Displays 2010"

I had read complaint after complaint about poor images so I was a little concerned. I needn’t have been, the photographs are stunning and the book is perfectly produced. I may have done the wrong thing but, for my images, I used the photos in the highest resolution possible and  it has really paid off. Of 40 pages of images, there is only one that is just below "good" and that is down to my poor original – after all, any of us photographers know, you need to start with a decent original image – you can’t expect someone else to perform digital miracles for you.

Thanks Blurb – my intention for the future – a new, bigger and better Air Displays book every year from now on!(and others in between!)

Dave, Worcestershire, UK

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Jan 23, 2011 4:39pm PDT