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Has blurb print quality declined from last year?
Book Printing

I just received my Blurb book today printed in Australia.  Very disappointed with the quality, streak marks on several pages, some pages printed ok, others very dark and all colour taken out of them.

It was obvious that some of the pages were printed in batches so some were printed ok and others much too dark and flat. 

On some of my portraits, there is a cross screen effect and a lot of digital noise even though the images were shot on a 5D camera on 100 ISO.   A couple of years ago, I had an album of the same country made by Blurb but it was printed in the USA.  The quality was great, good vivid colours and I was extremely happy with the book.  Not so this time, I had heard the quality was very bad in Australia but thought I would give them a go but I am very disappointed by their lack of quality control.

Some of the pages have been numbered, others haven’t.  Can’t believe that they would ship out an album without checking for obvious faults and printing errors.

I am a professional photographer and have workshops showing people how to make digital albums and I now hesitate to recommend Blurb Australia to anyone.

I use a calibrated monitor, adjusted exposure and saturation to allow for printing and yet some of the images still printed dark and most of the landscapes had no colour in them whatsoever.  Yet the same landscapes printed in the USA were colourful and vivid. 

It seems odd that the printing is so bad in Australia and yet so good when printed in USA.

I have several other albums I want to get printed and hesitate in getting any more albums through Blurb Australia in case they are also disappointing. 


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Dec 8, 2013 8:41pm PDT