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Unclear about softcover option for an existing hardcover book

I’ve already uploaded, ordered and recieved a hard cover book. Now I want to add a softcover option, but some things are very unclear to me. I’ve read the FAQ’s and they are not explicit on some things:

Do I open my existing book in Booksmart and create a softcover version there? (Putting the flaps in an extra page, as suggested?)

If so, is that then again uploaded as an entirely new book?

If I have to upload again, do I have to now order one of the softcover versions?

If I upload again, how does Blurb know that this is just an option for the same book? (And does it properly display in the software.)

Is there no way to very simply add the softcover version (with the same cover art) on line without doing through the upload again?

I want a softcover version for sale, but I don’t want to buy one myself – not now, anyway.  Or is it just an "option" for my existing book?

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Jan 3, 2008 5:50pm PDT