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Delighted with Blurb Books...but is there a problem with Proline Paper?
Book Printing

I too am a pro photographer and calibrate my monitor. I made a 12×12 book with black and white photos and printed on Proline Photo Pearl – first copy came out great. Then I ordered more and they came out with a green cast. Then it was reprinted and it came out better, but not as good as the very first one — oh well. Now I made a new book, same 12×12, again black and white, and file handled the same way, ordered a copy and it came out very dark — my guess is the same 1.25 stops dark. Tried to get help with this. Sent a file and asked to have it brought to a tech to let me know how much to lighten it to make it print well — or at least in the ballpark. CS has ignored my request two time so far — she won’t even answer the question. Takes a day to get a reply — but then my question is again ignored. I think the problem is multiple printing partners, and not having a quality control procedure. CS lady did say to not use the Proline Pearl Photo Paper as it aborbs ink differently — the ink "sits" on the surface she says. Really? Then why is this paper described on Blurb as being ideal for photos? I’ve asked about 4 times for a phone number, but they won’t give me one. Sorry to sound like a complainer. I do like Blurb and the concept is great, and I’d like to make lots of books and spend lots of money, but I’m being shined on and so I have one foot out the door. Too bad. By working hard to publicize my book (and Blurb), I’ve had over 6,000 views — mostly from photo related web sites.

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May 22, 2012 6:04pm PDT