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About full-bleed "Trim Area"
Book Design and Imaging

Is there a grid or guide to show us where the 1/8" trim would be? Can’t seem to find it…  I’m not exactly sure where the 1/8’’ cut off point is.  I am making a Large Format Landscape book.

If I want to print full bleed without cropping the important parts on my photo each side, do I keep my photos before the start of the  ’round circle scissor icon’?  What I mean is that, should I resize the photo so that I leave some black in between where the round cirle scissor icon start and end? like try to keep my photos before the icon?  Is that where the 1/8’’ is?  

If I keep my photos before that icon, and if that’s where the trim area, then I’ll still be getting full bleed since that area will be trimmed off (if I keep the trimmed off area black).... is that right?

 Hope to get an answer about this… as it’s giving me a headache… 

 Thanks again.



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Apr 4, 2008 5:14pm PDT