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Shady Shipping Prices
Ordering and Shipping

Just wanting to join in the chorus, hoping that Blurb will listen. Books are great, software is great, shipping CRAZY! I doubt I’ll sell (m)any books as £4.99 shipping for a £4.95 pocket paperback would put any customer off. A hardcover shipping is even more expensive. My mum wanted to order some pocket paperbacks and had to choose between 9 euros shipping before 14 December and a whopping 17.50 for 10 December delivery!! That is a bit steep, well its taking the p…. really.
I use Blurb for private photo albums and sometimes offer stuff more commercially, but the cost to customers is just outrageous…they’ll be wondering why I am trying to rip them off. It is cheaper to just buy a load myself and then ship it myself with the postal service…
Please sort out shipping costs Blurb!

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Nov 29, 2012 2:35pm PDT