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what happens to unused image boxes in the final print?
Book Design and Imaging

I’m using a page design which has places for 6 small verical images down each edge of the page as a border to the text panel. It’s likely that each page will only use one at most two of these image slots to place an image on the page .

 My quesions  are a simple ones. What happens to the unused image slots on the final book print?

 1. Do they appear as grey boxes – if so do I need to fille them with a plain white  or matching background colour?

 2. If they are unfilled do they automatically revert (or are they transparent) to the default  white page back ground. 

 3. If none of the above – please explain what happens.

4. And can you explain what happens to unfilled image slots in general please?

Apolgies for the simplicity of the question s but I’ve looked through the forms and can’t find an answer. Hopefulyy I  haven’t overlook some simple instruction. 


And if you do – thank you for taking the time to answer. 

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Apr 3, 2008 5:19am PDT