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Cannot open file w/ updated software

I backed my book up in my incomplete file ( shows under properties that this was successful.  About a week later my Operating System became corrupt and my harddrive had to be erased.  They were able to save my file (thank goodness) and all my pictures.  My old Booksmart was and of course that was not saved.  I downloaded the new booksmart 1.9.5.  When trying to import my book I get an error reading stating that booksmart did not export this file?? (  If I open properties it states that this file needs to be open using  I have tried to contact Tech support they said mayby I didn’t save the book….read above I SAVED IT.  Plus it takes them double to triple the time to get back to me…DOES ANYONE HAVE BOOKSMART THAT I CAN DOWNLOAD??  I really do not want to start over…


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May 21, 2008 2:58pm PDT