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I am full of praise for the overall quality of the materials used, the printing and the customer service responsiveness…………….with the exception of the very weak binding and related issues of the great majority (25/27)of the dust jacketed editions. The glue is too shallow and is inadequate.

My experience is very similar to that of the above customer.

I have ordered and handled 47 copies of my own 240 page book published in March 2013 using various specifications as follows and costing $3,564.80. In my case:

1. The 18 wrap editions using standard, premium lustre and premium pearl paper were all OK.
2. The 2 softcover editions for proofing using premium lustre paper were OK.
3. The 2 dust jacketed editions using premium pearl paper were ok.
4. The 25 dust jacketed editions using premium lustre paper, my largest order were not OK. One customer from the first batch of sales complained that pages had fallen out pretty much as soon as he opened it. This prompted my own examination and the customer’s point is clearly justified. I sent a complimentary copy of a wrap edition to my customer and he is very pleased with it.
5. The above item was replaced quickly by Blurb but it is also evident that the binding on that copy is very weak and will quickly fail.

The dust jacketed editions specifically listed above under items 4 and 5 using premium lustre paper, in my experience, are not of merchantable quality and my substantial investment in them cannot be recouped as the remainder in my possession are not suitable for sale. I have 13 unsold copies and can reasonably anticipate other unhappy customers.

I have received a $90 credit from Blurb and am more saddened than angry. They advise that returns for this this reason are less than 1% but at least 50% of the copies I have received are weakly bound and the others already sold are suspect.

I have no evidence that wrap editions are a problem but both the original 25 dust jacketed editions have been a big disappointment as well as the one replacement for my first disappointed customer.

I think a more appropriate response from Blurb would have been to ask me to return the my remaining copies stock at their expense for independent examination and to make a refund to me if their findings support my own conclusion.

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Apr 30, 2013 11:35am PDT